As of , the corporation was headquartered in two large, pyramid-like structures on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Inclinators ran along the outside of the massive structures. In November, Blade Runner Rick Deckard visited the Tyrell Corporation to administer a Voight-Kampff test to Rachael, an experimental replicant and Tyrell’s assistant. Tyrell’s massive office, where Deckard administered the test had a large automatic shade which lowered with the push of a button. This room also housed an animoid pet owl.

Roy Batty, the leader of a group of escaped replicants, later convinced J.F. Sebastian, a genetic engineer with the company, to bring him to Tyrell’s quarters at the top of the building, on the pretense of a chess move in an ongoing game between him and Tyrell. It was there that Batty killed Tyrell after he said he had no way to extend his life.

In , the Tyrell Corporation developed the Nexus-8 line of replicants, who possessed lifespans equal to that of human beings. Because of this, humanity declared the replicants a threat to its existence and started hunting them down en masse.

An underground replicant freedom movement hatched a plot to destroy Tyrell’s database of registered replicants so that the genocide of replicants can be stopped. Two Nexus-8 replicants, Iggy Cygnus and Trixie, carried out this operation.

Tyrell technician Ren Dus sympathized with replicants and redirected a test missile to detonate over Los Angeles, causing a massive blackout. Meanwhile, Iggy and Trixie destroyed Tyrell’s servers with a hijacked fuel truck. Trixie was killed in a scuffle with security.

After the blackout, the corporation went bankrupt and its remains were purchased by Niander Wallace of the Wallace Corporation, who then resumed work on the replicants.

Gallery Edit

Runner’s sprite sheet

Skier’s sprite sheet

Jack-O-Lantern’s sprite sheet

The Runner trying on a new hat.

Add a photo to this gallery

The Runner shares some sprites with the Student, and some sprites that are for specifically the Student appear in the Runner’s sheet.

The sprite next to her current selected one is similar to her old one, but is unused. Her sitting is also unused.

Run 1
Runner • Student • Caveman • Lizard • Gentleman • Zombie • Angel • Skater
Run 2
Runner • Skater
Run 3
Runner ( • ) • Skater () • Lizard • Child () • Bunny • Gentleman • Duplicator • Pastafarian () • Student • Angel
Climber • Ninja


  • 400+ Unique Abilities — many inspired by fantasy games
  • 60 Fully Customizable Ships — five archetypes, with many hybrids to choose from
  • 30 Hour Story-Driven Campaign — universe based on a companion Sci Fi novel
  • 6 Scenarios — Play alone or coop and competitively through online multiplayer
  • Infinite Challenges — The level layouts, backgrounds, and AI enemies are procedurally generated
  • Reliable Multiplayer — drop-in and drop-out of games with seamless host migration; no waiting in lobbies
  • Local Coop — «Duo» ships allow a friend to act as a copilot, usable in multiplayer modes and second half of campaign
  • Full Soundtrack — 20 tracks of music and hundreds of original sound effects
  • Classic Arcade Inspired Mini-games — earn Sage abilities by conquering challenges in The Subrostrum
  • 30 Prebuilt Ships — jump straight into the action with these handcrafted hulls

Причина вторая. Пряник

В отличие от прошлых частей, где все происходящее было практически лишнего какого бы то ни было смысла, а прогрессия сводилась к открытию карты и получению дико пафосных достижений в Steam, здесь вы будете чувствовать, что действительно помогаете развиваться региону и достойно вознаграждаться за немалые старания. Приведем пример: вы заехали к черту на куличики и нашли на краю карты огромный тягач. Естественно, подобную технику очень хочется получить в свое распоряжение. Но чтобы это сделать, нужно его полностью починить и заправить. Для этого придется проделать огромный путь на грузовике с ремонтным кунгом. Он крайне неустойчив, поэтому сельские и проселочные дороги не подойдут. Крупные же магистрали частенько завалены камнями, а мосты на них разрушены. 

В итоге, для эвакуации тягача вам нужно будет отремонтировать массу дорог в регионе, выполнить несколько контрактов по доставке, чтобы открыть доступ в новую локацию, и пригнать к тягачу пресловутый кунг. Заниматься этим предстоит очень долго, зато по окончанию подобной эпопеи в паре регионов Аляски будут отремонтированы дороги, починен упавший трубопровод, а ваш грузовик с кунгом будет прокачан, да и денег вы заработаете немало. Ну и, разумеется, вы станете владельцем мощнейшего тягача. А ведь просто найди вы такой в той же Mudrunner под какой-нибудь елкой, ощущения от обладания им были бы совсем иными. Одним словом, игра дарит великолепное чувство того, что своим упорством и трудом вы действительно чего-то достигли, которого так не хватает во время вынужденной самоизоляции.

Тот самый ремонтый кунг доехавший до того самого тягача

Minion Rush: Гадкий Я

Игра Minion Rush: Гадкий Я была признана игроками со всего мира – если верить словам разработчиков на главной странице, сыграли в нее свыше 950 млн (!) игроков. Оно и понятно, ведь крошки-карапузы Миньоны нравятся как детям, так и взрослым.

Игроку предстоит проходить различные миссии, собирать бананы и кучу других бонусов. Как и в других раннерах, геймера ожидают различные препятствия и испытания на скорость. В процессе прохождения можно открывать различных миньонов, что засветились в мультфильмах.

Ну и самый жирный плюс Minion Rush: Гадкий Я – это красочная трехмерная графика, опередившая свое время.

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Abilities Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Respawning: Every time she falls into holes and gaps, she can respawn in the level, granting her the ability to use the trial-and-error method to figure out how to beat the level and go over the obstacle in front of her. However, this ability is seen in all characters in Run 3, and it is unknown how this can be achieved.

Modest Running Skills: Her skills of running is notably great, able to run at a relatively fast speed than other characters like the Student and the Lizard. Although she is slow in comparison to Skater, that is probably because that he is skating with his skates, while Runner is actually running with her bare feet. Her maneuverability is high enough to surprise you, and she is so versatile that she can fit in and beat most of the levels in the game without much problem.

Enhanced Leap: She can jump relatively high, able to reach about 4.5 m in terms of height, while her height is only about 1 m tall! Even better, she can control her jump distance, ranging from a small hop to a large leap, letting her to be able to get past most gaps except the largest ones.

Superb Stamina: She can keep running in a relatively high speed, and, unlike the Lizard, won’t give up easily. She hasn’t been spotted to feel tired in the game.

Enhanced Running Speed: She can run in relatively fast speed, with her top speed reaching about 13 m/s, which is relatively fast, when it is known that her legs are short and her height is only about 1 m.

Modest Maneuverability: Her maneuverability is notably high, as her strafing speed is about 13.5 m/s, and that she can beat most levels with ease. Even spiral levels can’t really make her give up, and she is probably the only character who can run against a Conveyor tile.

Invincibility: She doesn’t seem to get hurt by any means in the game. Even if she hits a box while running at full speed, she simply stops, and won’t get hurt. Also, since she can respawn, even falling into space won’t kill her, and will send her back at the starting point instead.

Pain suppression: She is able to hit a Box with her head and let it speed away in space, seen during the Bridge Building minigame. From the impact, it should be understood that she was also hit in the head by the Box. However, she doesn’t seem to mind the effect.

Other Abilities Edit

Expert Cartographic Skills: As the Cartographer in the Planet, she should have a high degree of mapping skills, as well as cartographic skills, since even other characters found her in order to get her draw maps for them, for instance, Dancer. She is so famed that almost all characters know her in the Planet.

Experienced Artist: She is seen to have some skills in drawing when she draws on her map. Not only she can mark the locations of different places accurately (presumably), as seen in the Galaxy Map, she is also able to draw shapes and pictures like the Planet on her map.

Experienced Constructor: It is known that she supervised the construction of the City, and several smaller cities. Therefore, it is assumed that she has some degree of constructing skills.

Причина первая. Кнут

Spintires и Mudrunner всегда были играми про превозмогание

Себя, природы, автомобиля или грустных последствий распада Советского Союза — не важно. Важно, что здесь нужно было действительно бороться и идти к цели, несмотря ни на что

Snowrunner в этом плане, пожалуй, даже превзошла своих предшественников. Это такая Dark Souls от мира автосимуляторов. Здесь можно увязнуть в грязи, которая от локации к локации становится лишь гуще, застрять в снегу, скатиться с обрыва по льду, утонуть в реке, перевернуться и заглохнуть, встать в двух метрах от цели без бензина, сломаться, упасть с моста и бесславно закончить свой путь еще десятком способов. 

Природа, физика, погодные условия, особенности контрактов и хлипкость стартовых автомобилей заставят вас буквально вгрызаться в колею, чтобы доставить очередную партию досок в отдаленную деревню на Аляске. И это прекрасно, потому что нарочито неспешная и медитативная игра способна выдать такой «челлендж», которому позавидует и знаменитая гоночная миссия из Mafia. А «челлендж» — это именно то, что нужно человеку, запертому в четырех стенах на протяжении нескольких месяцев. Там ведь главное превозмогание — это попытки держаться подальше от холодильника. 

Если вы никогда не буксировали плавучий бур по льду, перемешанному с грязью Аляски, то ничего не знаете о боли

Behind the scenesEdit

A character named Sapper Morton appears in the short story «The Shape of the Final Dog» written in 2012 by Hampton Fancher. Fancher was a writer for both Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049. In the story, a man named Kard goes to a farm where Sapper is working and waits in his kitchen for him. The scene plays out like it does in the movie with small differences. Items like the piano and the pot boiling on the stove are used in the story as well.

Between Blade Runner Black Out 2022 and Blade Runner 2049, Sapper is given different incept dates and serial numbers. 2022 gives his serial number as NK680514 and his incept date as March 22, 2019. This is inconsistent with the Road to 2049 timeline, which states that the Nexus-8 line was not manufactured until 2020. 2049 gives his serial number as N8PSD32974 and his incept date as July 15, 2020, which are more consistent with the timeline.



The Runner is the default character. She is somewhat maneuverable and has good jump. She has 7 bonus costumes: the Student, the Lizard, the Gentleman, the Angel, the Caveman, the Zombie, and the Skater. None of these, excluding the Skater, have any special abilities and are only cosmetic.

Run 2Edit

The Runner has more control and maneuverability for the cost of speed and jump distance. As in the description, «Easier to control, can’t jump as far.» She plays almost exactly the same as in Run.

Run 3Edit

As per tradition for the series, she retains her basic controls from the previous two games, albeit slightly improved for faster turns. Her only weakness are long distance gaps or anything to potentially slow her down, as it will take a while to build up her top speed.

She can beat almost any level when used correctly.

Physical Appearance and Personality

In The Maze Runner, Thomas describes Gally as a fifteen-year-old boy who was tall and skinny and has black hair, green eyes, and a nose that is the size of a small fist that resembled a deformed potato. Gally has bad teeth that have come nowhere close to the colour white. His voice was described as being scratchy. Gally was quick to anger while in the Glade, although he was friendlier as a child. In The Death Cure, Gally and Thomas were able to put the past behind them and become friends and allies.

In the films, Gally is portrayed by Will Poulter, who has dirty blond hair. While an antagonist, Gally does seem to have some redeeming qualities, as he tries to look out for the other Gladers.


The Fever Code

In The Fever Code, Gally is introduced as a ten-year-old boy who helped out in the gardens. Minho enlisted his help with an escape plan, though none of the others (Thomas, Teresa, Newt, and Alby) agreed to come with them. However, their plan was discovered by WICKED, and Minho was punished severely. He beat Gally up at some point afterwards, thinking that Gally’s loose tongue probably gave them away. Gally’s nose was apparently broken as a result, and it failed to heal correctly.

After Gally has been in the Maze for some time, he one day ventured just beyond one of the Doors in spite of the rules. A Griever immediately attacked and stung him. It was during the subsequent Changing that Gally regained a few memories.

The Maze Runner

In The Maze Runner, according to Winston, Gally has been stung by a Griever in the middle of the day near the West door some time before Thomas’ arrival. Thus he had regained a few of his memories.

Gally was despised by most of the Gladers due to his arrogant nature. However, he was the Keeper of the Builders, which must have meant that he was reasonably responsible. Two years after the beginning of the Maze Trials, Gally witnessed the arrival of a teenage boy named Thomas, whom Gally immediately became enemies with, having remembered just enough to know that Thomas had worked with WICKED.

After being interrogated with Thomas by Newt, Minho got into an argument with Gally that ended with Gally running off into the Maze and going missing. After being missing for many days, Gally, scared and dirty, eventually returned to the Glade and warned the Gladers that the Maze’s Creators were going to kill them and that the Grievers would take one of them every night. Plagued by a nameless terror as the Grievers attacked the Homestead the first night, Gally snatched planks that are barricading the windows and hit Newt with one of them. Thus a Griever managed to penetrate the Homestead and seize Gally, running off into the Maze.

Gally was brought to WICKED and kept there for several days. When the surviving Gladers made it through the Griever Hole, Gally emerged from the shadows with a knife and, while under control of WICKED, attempted to kill Thomas by throwing it at him. A young Glader named Chuck jumped in front of the knife and was killed in Thomas’ place. Thomas, distraught by Chuck’s demise, attacked Gally, punching him repeatedly in the face and severely injuring him. While Gally and Thomas fought, a group of adults entered the chamber and killed the WICKED agents. Thomas knocked Gally unconscious and fled with Teresa and the other Gladers.

The Death Cure

In The Death Cure, unknown to Thomas and the other Gladers, Gally was taken into custody by WICKED agents and imprisoned in WICKED’s headquarters. During his imprisonment, Gally felt terribly guilty for killing Chuck, even though he had been under WICKED’s control. (WICKED told Gally he would be killing Thomas, which he was fine with, and thus he had not fought their control.) Gally made several attempts to escape but was stopped by guards every time. However, a group of spies snuck into the facility. They told Gally that if he acted crazy enough, WICKED would believe he had the Flare and put him in a city somewhere in the United States, where Gally and the spies could meet again and Gally could join them.

Gally later sends a message to Thomas, Newt, Minho, Brenda, and Jorge, telling them to meet him at his apartment in Denver, where he now works for the Right Arm. Gally explains to them how he escaped and tells them that WICKED is after them and Hans, the man who can get rid of the implants in their brains. He also tells them that Teresa and the rest have been there, and if they wanted to join the Right Arm after finding them, they should come see him.

When Thomas and Brenda later find Vince, the leader of the Right Arm, Gally is there with him, and he assures Vince that Thomas can be trusted. Gally becomes part of the «army» that takes the Immunes back to WICKED to take it over. However, when the Right Arm is preparing to blow the place up, regardless of any Immunes left in the Mazes, Gally joins Thomas and the rest.

Gally helps Thomas rescue the rest of the Immunes, going back to the Maze and then fighting against the Grievers and Janson’s men before going through the Flat Trans to the last paradise with the Immunes.

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Canabalt HD

Некоторые пользователи называют Canabalt первым двумерным раннером вообще. И даже без этого титула игра заслуживает внимания, хоть она и платная. По задумке она похожа на предыдущую (хотя вернее, Vector похожа на нее) – некий безумец в костюме прыгает по крышам города в бесконечном режиме. Однако паркур-элементов здесь нет, а врагами выступают сами здания, что стремительно разрушаются.

Мир в Canabalt HD генерируется случайным образом, а со временем скорость и сложность увеличиваются, что вряд ли вам позволит установить мировой рекорд – на момент написания статьи это 41785 метров. Попробуете побить?

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Jumanju: Epic Run

Jumanju: Epic Run сделана по мотивам фильмов в серии Джуманджи с участием Дуэйна Джонсона. По задумке игроку предстоит вернуть на место Священный Камень Сокола, из-за которого мир содрогнулся. На выбор представлено 4 персонажа, а авторы игры окрестили свое творение как «абсолютно новый тип раннера».

И это обосновано, ведь геймплей включает не только бег вперед с уклонениями от препятствий, но и сражения с врагами, карабканье по скалам, прыжки с высоких точек и другой экшен. Таким образом, игровой процесс постоянно меняется, что и является изюминкой Jumanju: Epic Run. А еще у персонажей есть уникальные навыки… Все, не будем спойлерить, скорее качайте игру!

Subway Surfers

Сверхпопулярный раннер, имеющий свыше 30 млн отзывов на платформе Play Маркет. В роли уличного хулигана вы будете скрываться от злого Инспектора и его пса, выбрав не самый легкий путь для побега – железнодорожные пути.

Subway Surfers наглядно показывает, на что способны раннеры. Бесконечный игровой процесс с единственной целью – побить свой же рекорд, монетки, разбросанные по трем путям следования, а также различные опасности, что быстро сбросят прогресс из-за невнимательности. Добавим еще яркую графику и возможность бросить вызов другим игрокам или помочь им – и получим отличную игру, которую определенно стоит скачать на Андроид.


The Scorch Trials

In The Scorch Trials, Janson appeared in the place the Gladers were staying in at the same time as the large pile of food. He was sitting behind a desk, reading, and the Gladers soon discovered that an invisible forcefield blocked them off from him. He told them to wait for the right time. Eventually, he stopped reading and explained the Scorch Trials to them. He then leaves. This is the only time he’s encountered in the book.

The Death Cure

In The Death Cure, Janson first arrives to free Thomas from his solitary confinement, revealing that that was his third and final Trial and that he was immune to the Flare. He then leads all of the Gladers and Group B to hear who isn’t immune to the Flare. He then leads everyone to get the Swipe removed, which would restore their memories and remove them from WICKED’s control. Thomas, Newt, and Minho refuse, so he takes them to a room for the night before bringing guards the next morning to force them to undergo the procedure that removes the Swipes. The three escape with the help of Brenda and shoot Janson with a launcher.

In Denver, Janson appears on a monitor of a police drone, requesting that Thomas return to WICKED to complete the final procedure required to create the cure for the Flare, revealing that he is the Final Candidate.

When Thomas returns to WICKED, Janson greets him before informing Thomas that to complete the cure of the Flare, they must dissect his brain. It would be painless, but it would result in Thomas’ death. The only thing that saves Thomas is WICKED Chancellor Ava Paige. Janson attempts to kill Thomas, Teresa, Minho, Brenda, and Jorge, and all the other Immunes as they are leaving through the Flat Trans for paradise. Janson realizes that he is showing symptoms of the Flare, which isn’t surprising given that he’s spent years studying subjects infected with it. He is strangled to death by Thomas. However, he manages to delay Thomas enough to cause Teresa’s death; she was crushed by a rock when she tackled Thomas out of the way of the falling rock.

Physical Appearance and Personality

Janson is described as a thin man, having grey hair, a mole on his cheek, and a rat-like face. He is highly intelligent, but also an enigmatic figure whose loyalty is never truly certain. He has a laid-back demeanour most of the time, but, due to having the Flare, he can become extremely violent and brutal when pushed. He is intensely sadistic when violent, shown by his brutal means of fighting Thomas in their final clash in The Death Cure. In the Death Cure film when Teresa figures out Thomas’ blood is the cure for the Flare, Janson then becomes very violent, eventually rolling up his sleeve to show that he was almost fully turned, as well.

Причина четвертая. Юмор

С зарождающейся от безделья и туманных перспектив депрессией можно бороться юмором, а его в этой игре, как ни странно, хоть отбавляй. Во-первых, описание многих заданий, модулей и автомобилей выполнено с изрядной долей иронии. Во-вторых, играя в местный кооператив на четырех человек вместе с друзьями, вы наверняка будете под улюлюканье товарищей в Discord тащить кого-то из болота или устраивать гонки по заснеженному хребту. Игрой подобное поведение никак не карается и даже поощряется: здесь есть множество гоночных состязаний, а неактивные авто друзей теперь можно тащить и толкать. Зачастую — без их ведома. 

Ну и, наконец, в-третьих, физический движок игры неидеален и порождает ворох невероятно смешных ситуаций. К примеру, дикая сопротивляемость еловых веток, способных перевернуть УАЗ, уже успела стать мемом, а весь Reddit пестрит подобными нарезками. Если уж и это не поднимет вам настроение, то чем вам помочь — мы решительно не знаем…

Behind the scenesEdit

Olmos also created the cityspeak on his own, using a variety of his own extensive language experience. For preparation, he visited the Berlitz School of Languages in Los Angeles, where he learned phrases in Hungarian, German, and French.

In a draft of the film, dated February 23, , it is Bryant rather than Gaff who appears on the rooftop after Roy Batty dies.

The video game Blade Runner: Revelations shows Gaff’s nameplate in the LAPD as «E. Gaff» seemingly confirming that the name Gaff is his surname.

Origami Edit

During the events of both films, Gaff leaves several origami figures representing different animals. Each has its own meaning, and there are many interpretations:

Origami Location/Event Interpretation
Chicken Gaff leaves a chicken on Captain Bryant’s desk right as Deckard is about to refuse Bryant’s demand that he return as a Blade Runner. Calling into question Deckard’s courage, implying he is running away from his fears instead of facing them.
Man While investigating Leon’s apartment, Gaff leaves a man with an erect penis on the dresser after Deckard finds the scale in the bathtub. Deckard’s impending romance with Rachael, what his mind is focused on.
Unicorn Before Deckard and Rachael flee LA, Deckard picks up an origami unicorn that Rachael nearly steps on in the hallway. The unreliability of memory; Gaff’s knowledge of Deckard’s true identity.
Sheep When K is wrapping up his interview with Gaff, the retired cop reveals a sheep he was making during their conversation. Implying K’s status as another cog in the machine; nothing special, only following orders. Also a reference to the source novel.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Tyrell Corporation is based upon the Rosen Association in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

In a draft for Blade Runner, dated December 22, 1980, the corporation was instead named the Nekko Corporation.

On the building’s structure, special effects photographic supervisor Douglas Trumbull, in the 1982 Official souvenir magazine, stated,

«I can’t remember exactly, but I think the pyramid was a composite of my own ideas and Director Ridley Scott’s. Originally the Tyrell building was going to be right in town, it was going to be a massive building right inside the city. We decided it would be much more visual and stark to place it way outside the town, so that it really rose above the horizon
«The pyramid was the first miniature we built. Across its base it was probably eight feet by eight feet. The top was probably two feet square. It was built prior to principal photography, because the first scene shot was the interior of Tyrell’s office, and we had to have process plates of the other pyramid outside the window. So we had to build the pyramid, photograph it, prepare the plates and do front projection on that set.» (Souvenir magazine, pg. 7.)

Production Designer Lawrence G. Paull said of the room: «We dressed Tyrell’s room to look like the Pope’s bedroom, very elaborate, very eclectic decor. The headboard was a $25,000 Chinese screen and the bed was two kingsize beds put together. There were big concrete columns which were 4-foot square and rose 25 feet in the air. Instead of just using raw concrete, we took material and actually draped the column so it had a very religious kind of overtone to it.» (Souvenir magazine, p. 50.)

The comic book adaptation identifies Dr. Herman Schlect as the vice president of the Tyrell Corporation.

It is notable that in the film, the only time the sun is shown is in the Tyrell Corporation’s building, when Deckard is interrogating Rachael.


Database entry

Morton settled at his farm in , following a tenure as a combat medic in Calantha, where he fought alongside Freysa Sadeghpour prior to escaping.

The following year, he helped hide the pregnant replicant Rachael, who died in childbirth and was buried under a tree on Morton’s farm. He further assisted in hiding Rachael’s offspring.

2048 Edit

In , Sapper went to Los Angeles to sell some of the Nematodes he had collected at a market. On his way, he was briefly harassed by some thugs but ignored them before meeting with a young homeless girl named Ella, who he was friendly with. Greeting her mother, he gave Ella a copy of the book The Power and the Glory, which he had enjoyed.

He then went to a stall, where the vendor would only buy his stock for $3000, $1000 less than he needed. Leaving the stall disappointed, he noticed the thugs from before trying to sexually assault Ella and her mother. Going into a rage, Sapper mercilessly beat up the thugs, killing some of them. Realizing what he had just done, Sapper quickly gathered his things and ran. In his haste, he forgot his identification papers, which a man who had been spying on him picked up. The man then went to the phone to report he found a «skinjob.»

2049 Edit

An investigation later revealed Sapper’s location and Officer K, a Nexus-9 replicant employed as a Blade Runner for the LAPD, was dispatched in June to «retire» him.

Sapper had soup on the stove and was at work when he noticed K’s spinner arrive. Knowing his time was up, Sapper calmly went into his home where he washed his hands as K watched. K learned a little about Sapper, who would only claim to be a farmer and offered K some garlic.

K offered Sapper the option to surrender peacefully, but Sapper grabbed a scalpel from a medical pouch on his belt and attacked K, sending him crashing through a wall and attempting to crush his neck, but the younger and more advanced replicant quickly incapacitated him before confirming Sapper’s identity. Sapper managed to get up as K was retrieving his gun, and angrily called out K for killing his own kind. K claimed this was because the newer models did not run, but Sapper, thinking back to Deckard’s child, replied that the truth was replicants like K had «never seen a miracle.» He took a step forward before K retired him with two shots to the chest.

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